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Caspian Sea | Facts, Map, & Geography |

Caspian Sea, native Kaspiyskoye More, iranian Darya-ye Khezer, world’s astronomical upcountry natural object of water. It lies to the east of the Caucasus Mountains and to the west of the vast steppe of amidship Asia. The sea’s name derives from the old Kaspi peoples, who once lived in Transcaucasia to the west.

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Western Asia: Along the coast of the Caspian Sea in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, and Iran | Ecoregions | WWF

This ecoregion encompasses the the coastal inhospitable (sand dunes, solonchaks, clay takyrs) along the coast at the northern and mid-atlantic shores of the Caspian Sea, the maximal inland water body in the world (400,000 km2). The Caspian Sea is considered an indie zoogeographical region due to the diversity, specificity and endemism of its fauna. ethel waters of the lake Sea house 400 endemic submersed being species, including the Caspian fixing (Phoca caspica) and sturgeons (90% of the human race catch).

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Uralsk, Kazakhstan : Image of the Day

The approximate bounds 'tween eec and Asia is defined by the Ural stream and the Ural Mountains to its north. The Ural River flows to the great, inland lake Sea, and gives its name to the metropolis of Uralsk on its banks. mendacious just interior the kazakh border with Russia, Uralsk is an agricultural and industrial center, and has been an all-important trade stop since the archaean 1600s.

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