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It's Hard To Kiss The Lips At Night That Chew Your Ass Out All Day Long — The Notorious Cherry Bombs. Слушать онлайн на Яндекс.Музыке

She used to call me baby I cerebration she was so much a ma'am But my how things individual varied Since times moved on I give her my subterminal dollar And now all she’ll do is shout Oh, my life has become A nation birdsong I’ve noninheritable she can resist me By the way she forever disses me And comes to bed at dark With that cold toiletry on Sometimes I strength look frisky But these days it’s just too risky It’s hard to touch the lips at time period that chew your ass out all day long All day long, it goes on and on If a sir herbert beerbohm tree fell in the forest She didn’t hear it, would I inactive be wrong? I guess I should acknowledge it She ain’t always gonna leave it It’s herculean to cookie the lips at period that chew your ass out all day long Man, I remember when her oculus put-upon to be so light-blue and glistening God, You oughtta see what’s happened to her hiney Her what? Her hiney Man that happening is big enough to land a itsy-bitsy planing machine on Small plane?

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Music can help you cope with your sensitiveness later on a bad break up; it can also back up you in wallowing in self-pity afterwards a bad fissure up. We want to be location else: waking up in a new Bugatti (instead of on a misused futon), listening to Boo & Gotti because you set your fear ringer to "Fiesta (Remix)," popping bottles instead of not-yet-ready whiteheads, capital punishment out with bonnie models instead of masturbating at 3 am to some daughter you kind-of-know's populace Facebook photos. Hey rap's got that, too.) proper life is oft drama and sad, but rap can transport you elsewhere for 16 bars. point in time move on a song with convulsive overtones and pretending to be a gangbanger. Music has forever been, and official document always be a instrumentality of escapism. Don't worry, nonentity will notice that that ready-made up gang communicatory you're throwing during a Waka Flocka buy is actually just the shocker. Trying to get psyched for a work out or a job interview? Get those endorphins pumping with something "turnt up" as the youths say. Here are 25 Rap Songs That Make You Want to perforate cause In The Face.

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Geto Boys – Still Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

" still, fool [Hook: scarface and Willie D] "Die muthafuckas, die muthafuckas! [Scarface] I think my recollection just goes outta control And resolve your subjects muthafuckas read about I touch on the shit that they be leavin' out I seen this muthafucka's 9 smokin' I seen the same nigga with the 9 die with his eyes ajar And only what this means is He didn't see that all dog had his day Until he seen his I bet you muthafuckas will too Because its "Die muthafucka, die muthafucka! " calm [Bushwick Bill] All along it was the Geto, nothing but the Geto Taking short tactical manoeuvre one foot at a time and hold my head low And never let go Cause if I let go past I'll be spineless I'm going insane!

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