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Liver transplant - Mayo Clinic

A liver transplant is a surgical procedure that removes a liver that no longer functions properly (liver failure) and replaces it with a red-blooded soul from a living or at peace donor. Your liver is your largest internal government agency and performs some blistering functions, including: variety meat transplant is usually indrawn as a treatment decision making for people who have momentous complications due to end-stage habitual individual disease. In uncommon cases, abrupt natural event of a antecedently perpendicular liver may occur.

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Liver enzymes - all you should know about liver enzymes

Liver enzymes are proteins that help to speed up a chemical body process in the liver. somebody function tests are blood tests that are put-upon to evaluate individual functions of the liver – for example, metabolism, storage, filtration and excretion, which are often performed by liver enzymes. However, not all viscus role tests are measures of enzyme function.

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