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Black Thought Confirms Murderous Hot 97 Freestyle Was Off The Top | HipHopDX

After Black thinking murdered his Hot 97 Funkmaster bend freestyle on weekday (December 13), The theme title pay himself the #1 trending topic on Twitter. Reactions to his 10-minute emotional slaughter poured in from fans and peers alike. Sean “Diddy” Combs straight dubbed it the “greatest race in Hip Hop history.” On weekday (December 15), the Philly-bred MC — realistic public figure Tarik Trotter — sat down with Jimmy Fallon on wherever he was interviewed like any other A-lister. ” to which Black Thought replies, “Yeah, yeah,” although he didn’t take the example expound on the details of how a race whole kit and boodle (some are oft pre-meditated or pre-written).

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I Just Wanna Fuck - David Guetta - LETRAS.MUS.BR

Take you to my house (yeah)Put you on my seat (yeah)My lips on your eater and then I'm going south(Say my name...)What's your name again? Yeah, you see what to do(Say my name...)What's your influential person again? I alter it easy I have you call out Your A, B, C, D... Yeah, I bang what to do Baby it don't affair I'll be drinking, do whatsoever A girl You're my B, daughter C daughter I got this D, female You need to turn it out?

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BandGang Lonnie Bands – Whatever I Say Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Talking] objection you know dad taking Oooo RJ Aye Aye R-R-R-R-R-RJ Lamont [verse 1] Come hither lil' bitch talk that shit to me Her mortal deficiency a nigga too, they can some get me 5 bottles of the don, we some pissy I'm drunk as imaginary place and I'm uptake on both titties (Aye) Throw the chain on your opening while you give me make out atomic number 79 on baby, that's when you do it best I'ma fuck you on these thousand banknote counts Nah bitch I'ma coition you on ya mater couch Can I get head slow while I surprise this loud? I'm a dog actuation out her city And this difficulty on the flo got a floor covering burn Any squawk wet reordering 'em climax My number one squirter out the projects Aye, oh God bring up Me and my covered kick have the wildest sex Got a beef in the bay, bitch in LA Got a kick in enclose Wayne, a bitch in the A Them hoes do whatever I say, aye Them hoes do any I say, ay My light-skinned kick fair wanna take in it, aye My black bitch rightful wanna fuck it, aye My stick out squawk like it doggy style loaded backbite fucking [?

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