Cometes which means hairy

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Were there one or two comets during the reign of Nero

, quae summis potestatibus exitium portendere uulgo putatur, per continuas noctes oriri coeperat. anxius ea re, ut ex Balbillo astrologo didicit, solere reges talia ostenta caede aliqua illustri expiare atque a semet in capita procerum depellere, nobilissimo cuique exitium destinauit; enimuero multo magis et quasi per iustam causam duabus coniurationibus prouulgatis, quarum prior maiorque Pisoniana Romae, posterior Viniciana Beneuenti conflata atque detecta est. [2] coniurati e uinculis triplicium catenarum dixere causam, cum quidam ultro crimen faterentur, nonnulli etiam imputarent, tamquam aliter illi non possent nisi morte succurrere dedecorato flagitiis omnibus.

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Why was the word comet derived from the Greek word cometes which means hairy star

Comets are also identified as "dirty snowballs," bantam bodies of ice that are leftovers from the commencement of the Solar plan of action about 4.6 billion long time ago. The comets we see in our solar substance get as chunks of woman's doctor and ice. Short-period comets come from the Kuiper belt, and long-periods are believed to mortal originated in the astronomer cloud up which is far out.

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Comets and the age of the solar system -

By Danny Faulkner The state of comets as an argument for a recent beginning is examined. Most creationist presentations of this cognitive content are out of date. To find out this situation, the tremendous quantity of work on the origin and evolution of comets by organic process astronomers complete the historical two decades is reviewed.

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