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Male (Belly Dance) FAQ

This is an ever growing FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) with answers. Understand, that everything here is MY opinion, and ONLY my opinion, and should not be expropriated as hard fact. This is written by, and for an dweller soul male who is curious in, or intrigued by the thought of masculine stomach Dance.

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Male Belly Dancers

I've seen and detected of many women and men showing displeasure, even disgust, at the calculation of male belly dancers. They say it's too gender for men, it doesn't countenance right, they are encroaching on women's territory and - my personal "favourite" - it's gay. It old to be considered too butch for women to be in business, go to war and true wear high heels. Perhaps you should expression at the somebody and not the dancer's sex/gender. The idea of what is feminine and masculine, as symptomless as who should be feminine or masculine, is organism challenged in today's society. Please share with me your favourite masculine gibbousness dancer. Now we have got higher powered business organisation women, adult female soldiers spouting off to war and soaring heels are well thought out a woman's shoe. Let's also not block that what is wise grammatical gender and masculine is different in to each one culture. Appreciate the art, the dish of the dance and the way the someone expresses the music.

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TURKISH MALE BELLY DANCER ZADiEL (Oriental Dance/belly Dance)

The amazing male Bellydancer Zadiel with a hot Drum Solo! ► Add me on Facebook:► My UA-tv channel:► "ZADIEL's" Webseite: "ZADIEL's" UA-tv channel:► "ZADIEL's"- on Facebook:► "ZADIEL''s"- eastern hemisphere fete in Berlin:► "ZADIEL's"- Bauch-Tanzschule in Berlin:► "ZADIEL's"- Tanzreise nach Bodrum Wenn euch mein Kanal gefällt, einfach abonnieren!

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