Hex beam amateur radio

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G3TXQ Broadband Hexbeam

This country of the website describes the new Hexbeam design which I formed in the season of 2007. It was the topic of an piece I wrote for the December 2007 edition of Antennex - the on-line public press for sensitivity experimenters. The unique feature of the new design is a revised spatiality of Reflector, shown on the right, which significantly extends the action information measure and improves the SWR, at the ask of a 17" increase in turn radius on a 20m version.

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Cushcraft Amateur Radio Antennas

Cushcraft consolidated HF Multi-Band Beam 10-20 Meters The MA5B, heavy HF Multi-Band shaft of light itty-bitty shadow -- Big Signal MA5B, Cushcrafts multiband HF sensitiveness provides 5-Band action in a package small enough to mount to a tripod. The MA5B is a organisation that does not sacrifice ruggedness, performance and power handling for sized and relaxation of installation.

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Cushcraft Amateur Radio Antennas

The group Ranger Dipole gives bi-directional patterns and mobile convenience. You can mount them high and away from the trees for acceptable performance than a wire dipole. It features high-performance traps, dense wall tubing, and robust instrumentation for period of enjoyment.

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