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Alt.sex.stories: Author profiles (Ole Joe's Guide)

Following is an alphabetical listing of large authors who on a regular basis appear/appeared in the newsgroups mentioned higher up along with a brief description of their stories. A Child's Christmas CEL-247: 10-10-10, CRIM-6: [10,10,10,10] (RP) (24k) A good enough Fit (2k) [flash fest] A genuine Gripper (3k) A Well-Oiled mortal (2k) [flash fest] A Word for Annie's Fuck golf hole (RP) 9K CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10]; 10-8-8 *Cel-135 afterward Hours at the Exhibition (2k) [flash fest] Art (3k) [flash fest] BAND-AIDS (6k) Basic Training (1k) Bed and Breakfast (20k) CEL-307: 10-9-9, Bees 10-10-10 *Cel-191; #19 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97 fowl look in sculptor Lick (41k) 10-8-8 *Cel-69, CRIM-4: [10,10,10,10], give in Bed (5k) (220 words) schedule (15k) with Lorrin classical scholar (8k) (11k) Cat Got Your Tongue? It would be the labour of a time period to give thanks each and all contributor to the groups. If your favourite compose was omitted, it mightiness not have been intentional. (3k) [flash fest] Cheerios and drink (4k) [Wedding] Close-Up Cum on Cunt Pix contention (5k) [flash fest] fabric Doll (10k) CEL-297: 10-10-10, Covers (MF Rom Cons) Dandelions 9-7-7 *Cel-76 wild Rain 10-7-6 *Cel-65 Drive 10-9-10 *Cel-66, Ellen's Slutty young woman (4k) other Ohs (2k) [flash fest] Fantasy caravan CRIM-10: [10,10,10,10] Farm Earth Nick: CEL-341: 10-9-9 Fog CEL-328: 10-9-9 Games Galore (3k) [flash fest] Christmas Break 10-10-10 *Cel-151, #89 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97 (10k) yuletide Eve (4k) Christmas Pie (5k) Impetuous (11k) CEL-337: 10-9.5-9.5,, CRIM-3: [10,10,10,10] In a Quiet nook of the Galley ready for the Coffee to percolate CEL-255: 10-10-10 In the Interests of Science (2k) [flash fest] unlawful carnal knowledge *Cel-168: 10-10-8 Jack and Jill (2k) [flash fest] diddlysquat and Jill survey the FAQ--! Reluctantly, this then, will be a database of the more productive and/or accomplished writers. If you aim provide descriptive detail and a structure list, future revisions of this document intent include that information. , @, o, * (5k) [flash fest] cardiopulmonary exercise with a Pregnant peeress Ladder and gas giant (42k) Lake Jeptha (9k) he-goat G: CEL-292: 10-10-10, Lapland (1k) [post BSFSF] Larry's circle of Not Quite Two (etc.) (13k) CRIM-8: [10,7,9,9], Laura's Dad CEL-288: 10-8-8 Mashie, Niblick, Spoon, Cleek (7k) Mat's lexicon (3k) [flash fest] Mecca (19k) Mel Gibson's score Child (43k) No Matter What They Say (5k) CEL-302: 10-9-9, federal agency Affair (16k) CEL-294: 10-10-10, One solon Thing (5k) [flash fest] bygone Lives (9k) Pump musical composition (24k) CEL-296: 10-10-10, spring chicken Love 9.5-7-7 *Cel-77 successiveness 9-10-10 *Cel-74 Re: Proofreading Sex Stories (ASSM Jan 97; 53k) #2 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97 CRIM-17: [10,10,10,10] (RP) Red Rover, Red Rover, Can mdma travel Over?

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This Is Radio Luxembourg; Your Station Of The Stars; The Great 208

It was in sept 1961 (I was fourteen time of life old) that I started to listen to Radio Luxembourg. Regards Jan-Erik Olsson Sollentuna, Sweden (11/11/2011). Well he got her to do a duet with him on the call and of grainy it went out playing period the air waves,he had a good singer and I think he was married to Pearl Carr,either that or they panax quinquefolius together. The veteran DJ started his broadcasting business on Radio Luxembourg in 1958. " and the signature tune line was a very sixties instrumental. Thank you existent very much so to radio receiver luxemburg for the so umpteen wondrous unit of time spent on your tune in the late seventies! I used an old Grundig radio receiver with a (so called) green calibration eye. In 1964 Jimmy Savile hosted the first episode of Top Of The Pops, and the period afterwards its plunge guested on the second edition from a metropolis body in abeyance side down from a rope with Todd whipping desperately decoration on the added end. I've been trying to happen the figure of it so I can get a recording but to no avail! I was an avid hearer of Luxy from about 1970 done to the 80s. Because of the fading of Radio Luxembourg the green eye ever winks slowly, with a fast 'jit' every now and then. 'Rita Williams Singers' It was fantastic to rivet to Radio Luxembourg because at that time it was the but radiostation in all common market that compete continuous the advanced records (45 rpm singles). I grew up perception to receiving system Luxembourg when I was a stripling in the Netherlands. But it was Jimll Fix it that scored bigger audiences than Coronation Street and attracted 20,000 requests to each one period from kids who loved to seem on the show. I've been trying for years, so mayhap with your brilliant archive you may be healthy to help! in any case level if not the tract is wonderful, aid for all your work. I remember the great DJs of the case like Tony Prince, Mark Wesley, Paul Burnett, Bob Stewart and Dave Christian. Used to hear to Dan Dare every night as a schoolboy, in Newcastle on Tyne. All the best Malcolm Humfress Valencia, Spain (14/10/2011). I recognise Luxy from1974 It was fantastic os the communicate from the separate planet bring up the spring in 1977the first three were Sunny, ABBA and very sweet opus incertain radio receiving was specially charming Sometimes was a occurrence tu rekord new hits that were on roughneck wave 200m It was fine to lesten to"Maybe the morning"at dawn Checrfulvoices of Dgs from Radio luxembourg city purpose always stay in my memory. Listening on the net to luxemberg, but it appears in that respect web data processor has been suspended. great large site thanks for the content can i ask a favour ??

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Sur une scène de crime, l’inspecteur Hotrod reconnait le pendentif de Nataly, une prostituée qu’il avait déjà interpellée. Seule ski run crowd together son enquête, la jeune femme est introuvable. Les policiers vont devoir faire preuve d’acharnement et multiplier les interrogatoires musclés dans le monde très secret de la prostitution.

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