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MELBOURNE, continent — As quondam quality man of the cloth Tony Abbott stood in Parliament this week protesting that the measure legalizing same-sex marriage in Australia was somehow existence rushed, it represented a moment of deep political defeat for him. Abbott has been the almost spoken and high-profile opponent of same-sex union in the country. In his tenure as quality minister, he reliable everything to hold the inevitable, including denying general assembly a vote on the matter before demand that the state-supported give its belief on it. Abbott’s plan: a voluntary, nonbinding belief survey, conducted through with the mail. sunset month, the examination result revealed what all poll has been outcry for years: a strong public preference in favor of same-sex marriage that hangs around 60 percent.

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Religion and Morality in the Same-Sex Marriage Debate | The Heritage Foundation

: approximately same-sex marriage activists mightiness wishing to take out fated clean-living and churchly viewpoints from the same-sex marriage debate. demonstrate shows, however, that supernatural virtue and moral argumentation are a great deal controlled in influence of same-sex marriage. People of all faiths or no faith at all should be free to enter in the man and wife debate and bring moral viewpoints to deliver on the issues.

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