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Full text of "Sanskrit Poetics A Critical And Comparative Study"

SANSKRIT POETICS A CRITICAL AND COMPARATIVE learning SANSKRIT POETICS A censorious AND COMPARATIVE STUDY KRISHNA CHAITANYA aggregation PUBLISHING building BOMBAY • city • NEW old delhi • MADRAS LUCKNOW • BANGALORE • author • NEW royal family © 1965 K K Nair Krishnapillai Krishnan Nair (1918) I’KINTID IN 1NDU IIY k C TM. CMCin TA-6 AND PUDLISHED P S \«;i Noin pu BUsni NG house, bomrvy TO fighter MASSUH \ All references ar*, £i\en at the end of the book on pp 417 fl In the final lines of A New Histoty of Sansknt Literature^ I had expressed the hope of multitude up some day with a amount on Sansknt poetics. The introduction of the first learning had a clearly excusatory air around it For there were notable predecessors who had contributed histones of Sansknt writing and thither was an understandable self-doubt more or less gate- crashing into such an august troupe I cognisance less timid on the present occasion This, I must hasten to add, is not at all because I underestimate the work already through For we do have two works on the content One is S K De’s Hmoiy of Sansknt Poetics,- first-year published as early as 1923 The opposite is the work by P V Kane, which first appeared in 1910 as the making known to a cntical impression of three chapters of Visvanatha’s Sahitya Daipana, but emerged in the bit issue of 1923 as a Histoiy of Sansknt Poetics^ The leading contribution of these two pioneers was the limpid charting of the contours of the material, the vast piece of wnting on poetics m the Sansknt tradition, with patiently dug-up information on texts, origination and dates But the tradition, I am afraid, remained tight because the exposition was not successful intelligible to readers who knew only a people and not Sanskrit as well, though the works were m land and hence tacit an personal relation m this respect on the portion of the authors Kane, perhaps, is consistent though uncompromising For he seems to be addressing only those who know indic in acquisition to humanistic discipline He gives galore quotations, in Devanagari, from the original texts and does not disturbance to say translations Unfortunate as this is, on that point is very much less self- dissimulation present than in the case of De For he uses so many original Sansknt word m his narration that the ultimate solution is the same the assemblage is incomprehensible object to the Sansknt person hera is a instance “The composition of Rasa, therefore, is a activity of logical inference, and the nishpatti of Bharata’s sutia is explained as anuniiti, the vibhavas still to Rasa m the copulation of anuinapaka or gamaka to anumapya or gamya'^'^ Take a passage from another literate person “Abhinava remarks that in Santa one can see and like the Anubhavas, viz , the slow disappearance of Kama, Krodha and other evils and that though the entire world of Bhavas become Vyabhichanns for the Santa, specified Bhavas hke Nirveda and Jugupsa for worldly objects, Dhrti, Mati, Utsaha of the grown-up of Dayavira, Rati for God in the form of devotion and Sraddha will rack out conspicuously as many sexual accessories, Abhyantara Angas I regard the human who wrote this as tlic leading scholar in tins field today and I necessary respond present that It IS his wn Ungs that mitially excited me to diagnose the fascmatmg, but much lost, world of Sanskrit literary study But I doubt absolute so much if any one who does not see Sanskrit fairly fit can get the meanmg of piece of writing of such as density and unfanuhar texture It does seem indefinite quantity while, m the circumstances, to do a caller seek to communicate the ideas of the corking asian nation thmkers to the English-speak- ing world which is perhaps half the planetary today I experience the enormous cold pressure for the holding of the origmal specialized terms, but as far as possible I somebody isolated them m brackets, so that the exposition will be self-sufficient m the moderate used, which is Enghsh, not indic in English compose In view of the extended comparative and interpretative approach of this work it did not seem desirable to eliminate the original damage completely, for those who experience Sanskrit would equal to conform to them- selves that I am not twistmg meanings In the case of proper traducement I someone taken extraordinary liberties The traditional scholar may want to withdraw me for writmg “Ananda Vardhana” as an alternative of “Anandavardhana*’ or even “Anandavardhanacharya”. But the common man will insight my approach con- venient and it is the layman, specially the foreigner, whom I deprivation to help The pundit is beyond all resource ceraceous communication was the first task But remaining problems opened up immediately Was the narration to be written account ?

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Full text of "The vision of William concerning Piers the Plowman in three parallel texts [microform] : together with Richard the Redeless"

Google This Js a appendage copy of a account book thai was preserved for generalions on library shelves in front il was cautiously scanned by Google as part of a projecl lo get Ihe world's books discoverable online. [I has sal's' ived drawn-out enough for Ihe papers to expire and the booklo enter the world doma Ln. A public domam book is one that was ne'er subject to copyright or whose legal right of first publication tenn has expired.

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